"Hold up GMail, you mean that Base64 encoding is actually Finnish? Consider my mind blown." wrote Steven Mocking.


"It seems the last time I updated was before the internet and PCs for that matter," writes Alex.


Peter Birk Nielsen writes, "I was perusing the dessert menu of a local restaurant, when I encountered the following (translated):"

  Test Dessert 48 DKK
  Test with test dressing

"Suffice to say, I was hooked immediately, although my girlfriend was a little concerned about being a guinea pig for the chef."


"With standby at just under 30,000 years, using the talk time should hardly make a dent," wrote Sean Cheshire.


Mat L. remarked, "Not sure how big your lap is but I certainly wouldn't want this 'laptop'."


Mike Smithwick likes NASA's video as much as the next guy, but, you know, has some stuff coming up over the next 18 years.


"It looks like Twitter is doing a story about internal server errors," noted Nathan Hood.


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