"Apparently Yahoo's ad chooser has decided that I'm VERY vulnerable to the opinions of mentally disturbed stock wizards. I wonder if they both picked the same stocks?" wrote Matt, "Anyway, it isn't that hard to make good predictions for 2012.


Eric Hansen spotted this computer store near a popular college campus. Thank goodness they offer a three year service plan.


"I must be a pretty unique individual if this web page can't suggest anything for me," writes Andy.


Zack F. wrote, "It's a shame nobody will ever see my video, but at least everybody can see my video."


"Emptying the trash of a few dozen items on my Mac is no big deal," writes Adam P., "Until I realized the hard drive was churning away 2 minutes later. Are files outside of the trash being emptied?"


Steven Dilley wonders, "Is there a meta-troubleshooter program that I could try?"


"I'm not sure what kind of canaries Outlook Web Access uses, but mine's invalid," writes Brian.


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