"Mmmm...Nothing hits the spot quite like a big bowl of Cream of SQL Soup," writes Andrew J.


Ryan wrote, "This looks serious! I'll have to remember to keep my curtains closed tonight."


"I have a zombie game of Words with Friends which doesn't actually show up on my opponent's end," writes Chris, "This is what happened when I tried to resign."


"Target.com sure has some interesting dress-up options for the kids that haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy," wrote Chris.


Nick O. writes, "7zip gave me this confusing error when attempting to cancel the compressing of a folder. Both 'Yes' and 'No' do the same thing which resumes the compression."


"PayPal sent me a survey regarding their transaction fees - I'm taking this question to mean they're keeping all of my overseas profits no matter what," Ash A. wrote.


Erik W. writes, "CareerBuilder.com sent me an email with some ...curious statistics... about my job application."


"It's good to see that Facebook is into testing before deploying into production...oh, oops!," writes Michael C.,


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