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A friend of mine recently started a new job, and we were having a conversation via email. Unexpectedly, she tells me that my latest email has been blocked by their automated filtering system — instead of receiving my email, she was sent this:

Please reply with history to [email protected][removed].com if you would
like this message released.

MailMarshal (an automated content monitoring gateway) has
stopped the following email for the following reason:

It believes it may contain unacceptable language, or inappropriate material.

   Message: B47d568a10002.000000000001.0002.mml
   From:    [removed]
   To:      [removed]
   Subject: Re: [removed]

MailMarshal Rule: Content Security (Inbound) : Block Unacceptable Language
Script Offensive Language (Basic) Triggered in Body
Expression: f-ck* Triggered 2 times weighting 10
Expression: sh-t Triggered 2 times weighting 6
Script Offensive Language (Extensive) Triggered in Body
Expression: bugger* Triggered 1 times weighting 35
Expression: f-ck* Triggered 1 times weighting 60

Please remove any inappropriate language and send it again.

If you do not recognize the address listed in the From: field
above or the Subject: line does not relate to an expected email,
then the blocked message is probably spam and no further action
is required on your part.

Additionally, addresses listed above could possibly be spoofed.
Please see the following for more information on email spoofing:


The blocked email will be automatically deleted after 5 days.

Email Content Security provided by NetIQ MailMarshal.

Note that I added the hyphens for censorship (you're welcome, those of you at work). So, ironically, rc_pinchey's friend still got a list of all the swears he used. Clbuttic!

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