"Trying to get training on the new Google Apps console layout, I attempted to watch a video," writes Ari Sitnik, "Unfortunately, the owners of YouTube were not asked by Google to allow a higher number of views per day. If only the two companies would coordinate better!"


Chris wrote, "Google Earth seems confused about whether it knows of Penrhyndeudraeth or not."


Usually, we at TDWTF receive billboards with Windows errors on them. Jim found that even OS X can have a bad day now and then.


"I appreciate that whomever is behind this Quaker Oats ad is trying to be more engaging by integrating live weather conditions," writes Luis, "but do you think they could have budgeted some money to purchase the full font?"


"Only $29.99 for one of five great 1-minute features from PRODTEST! WHAT A DEAL!!", Georgia jubilantly wrote.


Lauri noticed this lonely computerized toy in the corner of a local grocery store's play area waiting for the kids with an own keyboards to come and set up the BIOS.


"DoubleClick for Publishers didn't just catch one exception, it caught ALL of the exceptions," Johann writes.


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