Sandra wrote, "I love cats, but I don't want any part of this freaky demon cat captcha."


"Mail chimp must think I am using my computer hanging upside-down," writes Ishai Sagi.


"Unfortunately, I don't speak 8-bit," laments George B..


"Is the answer to the captcha 'had testes','castrated'?" wonders Jason McInerney.


Daniel Baranowski was considering Lasik surgery, but now, maybe not so much.


"In a way, I'm glad the captcha I entered was marked incorrect," Bart-Jan Vrielink wrote, "Frankly, I wasn't ready."


"This is one captcha I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley," writes Daniel Fountain.


"I was presented with this captcha when entering account details at," wrote John Dawson, "Does anybody want to guess which of those letters are upper case and which are lower?"


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