Today's code (from Mark H) may come as a bit of surprise to you. After all, we're so used to seeing only the best quality work from those who bill more per hour than most take home in a day, especially when they use VB6 as a platform. For some bizarre reason, this nearly flawless recipe for success didn't quite work out so well. In addition to writing his own INI-reading functionality, the highly-paid consultant found a rather unique way of reading through lines in a file ...

Public Sub SetConfiguration()

  Dim sLineData As String
  On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

  Open App.Path + "\appconfig.ini" For Input As #1
  While True
    Input #1, sLineData
    If UCase(Mid(sLineData, 1, 8)) = "[CONFIG]" Then
      Input #1, sLineData
      sSysDir = Mid(sLineData, 8)
      'ED: Snip
      Input #1, sLineData
      UserName = Mid(sLineData, 8)
      Input #1, sLineData
      Password = Mid(sLineData, 9)
    End If

  Close #1

  Exit Sub

      If Err.Number = 62 Then 'ED: Error 62 is "Input past End Of File"
          Exit Sub
          WriteToLog Date & " - " & Err.Number & ", " & Err.Description & " - GetGlobals routine."
      End If

End Sub

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