"Everyone knows that Russians are the best programmers, and the guy we recently hired is no exception," Kip DeMane wrote, "though his English is a little... off. Here are his comments from a recent commit."

r22795 | t-------- | 2010-05-10 16:06:35 -0400  | 1 line

cleaned code, modified function format_for_rtf . no more 
numbered key to access video array elements, renamed all 
camel toe vars, applied consistent coding formating


Nicholas Dunn found this rather convoluted toString method.

public String toString() {
    return ((Object) this).toString();


"The Brain was a consultant that was with us for a while working in a cubicle far away from the rest of the team," writes Enoch Needles, "we didn't socialize with him, and we weren't quite sure what he was doing, but he did come up with a few gems like this... in code that was obviously never used."

public static bool IsNotEmpty(string value)
    return !IsEmpty(value);

public static bool IsEmpty(string value)
    return !IsNotEmpty(value);


"While working on some very old VB6 code," Brian wrote, "I stumbled upon this interesting comment."


"Leave it to my coworkers to come up with the perfect way not to use properties," wrote Stilgar, "I wonder if it would be less bad to use the value passed to the property."

public bool HideCenterContent
        centerBlockControl.Visible = false;


"Our company uses a modified form of Hungarian notation where a variable name is defined as such: g_ denotes a global variable, the following letter denotes the variable type, followed by a descriptive name," writes Andrew D., "a co-worker defined a global integer showing that the header in a series of bytes was received. This was immediately followed by another global integer definition showing that the footer in a series of bytes was received. Naturally, his variable definitions were as follows."

unsigned int g_iReceiveHead = 0;
unsigned int g_iReceiveTail = 0; 


"The sad part about this code," Ramin writes," is that its author actually tries to justify this pattern. "

googleId = googleId == null ? null : googleId; // ensure really null
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