"Would you call a crash within a crash a...'crashception'?" asks Rich Eardley.


In the future, we will use Brainetics to boost our brainpower. What's brainetics? Well, based on what Bradley Batt saw, we'll have to wait a few years.


"Hurray, I achieved the $VictoryName! Too bad it was a rather generic one," writes Niklas Karsson.


Tyrone wrote, "This kinda sucks when your password has an N or G in it."


"While I like the style of this jacket, I can't afford it...or anyone else can for that matter," writes John W.


"iTunes took some extra initiative while it was copying...Numbers," wrote Laurie Fleming.


"This was at the bottom of an article about Hallowe'en candy," writes James McLeod, "I have no idea how I should respond to the poll, but I do feel very neutral about the question."


"Error in throat?! I'd have helped, but I don't know how to give an ATM the Heimlich," wrote Brody L.


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