"Now I keep thinking," Staszek noted, "if I only had my 5 EUR bill left after my last trip to Slovakia, I could have exchanged it for +Infinity PLN and planned for retirement."


"My bank has recently switched from the dollar to a somewhat less popular currency," notes Matt Hanger, "anyone know the exchange rate from NaNs to dollars?"


"Even though WinLIRC created a dialog box," notes Jonathan Flusser, "it couldn't create a dialog box."


"I believe NetViewer is trying to tell me that the DVR closed the connection because I hadn't downloaded anything for a while," writes Andrew Lambert, "and then it asks for a favor?"


"I stumbled across this when I went to sign up on the Deus Ex 3 website," writes Brendan, "apparently, Eidos wants you to get information about all their products even if all you're interested in is Deus Ex 3."


"This came up while trying to install my new Logitech webcam," notes David.


"I was waiting for the bus in Halifax, Nova Scotia and noticed this billboard ad," writes Mike Johnstone, "I couldn't help but giggle at the bookmarks on the safari bar."


"We knew we had powerful timesheet software," writes Wes Hutton, "but we didn't know was just how powerful it really was. Upon submission of some timesheets, the software appeared powerful enough to alter the basic rules of mathematics."


Jade wrote, "why is it that google products can always read my mind?"


"If Windows has stopped working," writes Kramer Campbell "how can it say it has stopped working?"


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