"I saw this in the Mar/Apr 2009 issue of IT Expert magazine," notes Mike Edwards, "I wonder if Google is going for the 'artsy' look or the 'oh crap, we forgot to export fonts as curves when we sent in the artwork' thing."


"When Kaspersky Internet Security told me to renew my license for another year, I didn´t hesitate," Grégory Catellani writes. "After entering my License information on their official website, I was offered a very special price for renewal. "


"I guess this is what I get for buying a discount calendar," Anne R wrote, "not only is it missing days at the beginning and end of the month, but days repeat within the month!"


"I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish typing my message in only X minutes, Y seconds," wrote Serena F.


"I got this sticker at my last oil change," wrote Alexander. "Is it telling me I should change my oil in the future (2070) or the past (1970)?"


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