"I was trying to update my ESXi server, but it took over an hour, so I rebooted the system," writes Erik, "a few seconds later, the update program failed with this error."


"It seems as though Best Grooming & Shaving Tools saw through my clever ruse of entering a card in the card field," Justin D wrote, "it's too bad they don't accept as payment."


"Looks like my weights lost 1kg when they were boxed-up," notes Dave Carson, "must be that new Anti Gravity Packaging."


"I'm not even sure why they made this sign," Rob, wrote "I mean, if I got those error messages, I'd already know exactly what to do."


"Well then," writes Aaron, "I guess I'll take the Fried Pickles then."


Steve wrote, "I tried to ctrl-click but they had multi-select disabled."


"I didn't know October was a speed," writes Don.


"I saw this on 'V' a little while back," Jon wrote, "I can't say it convinced me to stay on to watch the news."


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