"I spotted this poll in the September 30th edition of the The Herald Sun," writes Geoff, "while I'm strongly in support of 'here here here question here here here', it is clearly a hotly contended topic."


"I noticed this password expiration warning on the fetal heart rate monitor while my wife was giving birth," Abe writes."


"Sometimes the clue is right in front of you," Tim Morrison writes, " either that, or one man's important is another man's 'meh'."

(still live)


"This is from the installer of Cisco WCS software," Alex G writes, "who needs a CPU, anyway?"


"Yeah?" Saul Schwartz said, " maybe you should shut the hell up!"


"Living in Korea and trying to understand the 'Konglish' grammar is challenging enough," Martin writes, "but it would be nice if the program actually behaved, though."


"I found this while shopping for supplies in an a Charlottesville Office Depot," writes Michael Wrobel, "I couldn't quite understand what the pricing scheme was."


"I don't think it means what I think it means," notes Andy Roon, "though it did explain why the produce section was filled with college students."


Rob T writes, "I'm going to need a bigger trailer."


"I'm not sure what state the VMs should be in to power them on," Keith writes, "but I guess it's not 'off'."


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