cablito sends in a snippet from his colleague's ultra-fast, multi-tasking-friendly masterpiece that reverently obeys the TTC rule. That's Third Time is the Charm for those who aren't intimately familiar with the Universal Law stating “If at first you don't succeed ... don't worry, because you sure as hell will on the third try!“

So there ya have it. Just in case DoEvents doesn't process all the enqueued events ... call it again. And since you're calling it twice, you may as well call it once more ... just to be sure.

TCC works for me. I've been setting variables like that for years ...
          name = nameField.value; name = nameField.value; name = nameField.value;
And I can me tell you ... there was never a case when “name” wasn't something it shouldn't have been!

Feel free to Send In, Submit, and Pass Along your stories. And hey, look at that ... I made an on-time post for once!

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