If past CodeSOD articles are any indication, it would seem that "certain" developers have a very difficult time wrapping their minds around spaces and spacing.

How do you replace double spaces? What about triple spaces?? Or quadruple??? Clearly, these were questions asked by the coders of today's two specimens. And obviously, they found their answers.

Damian came across this snippet while reviewing code; obviously, the author didn't think six blank spaces were possible.

  * This method checks to see if any of the input fields are blank spaces.
  * Creation date: (1/3/01 3:12:19 PM)
  * @return boolean
  * @param param
  *            java.lang.String
 public boolean isBlank(String str) {
  if (str.equals("") || str.equals(" ") || str.equals("  ")
    || str.equals("   ") || str.equals("    ")
    || str.equals("     "))
   return true;
   return false;
 }// end


The other snippet is from Hervie Adkisson, who still can't quite figure out the logic behind it.

' Replaces the characters set in strUnwanted as spaces
Public Function RemoveCharacters(ByRef strText As String) As String
    Dim spaces10 As String = "          "
    Dim spaces3 As String = "   "
    Dim spaces2 As String = "  "
    Dim spaces1 As String = " "

    RemoveCharacters = Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(strText, spaces10, spaces1), _
    spaces10, spaces1), spaces3, spaces1), spaces2, spaces1), spaces2, spaces1)
End Function
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