This is the story of two Daves. At first, they may appear to be from completely different worlds. One does client-side web development, one server-side web services. On further reflection, however, they have quite a bit in common.

For one, they both ended up together in this article. That sounds like a match made! With that in mind, Alpha Dave has something on his chest. Also, he needs to get it off.

var hasPriv = "<%=hasPriv%>";
hasPriv = eval(hasPriv);

He notes that this is JSP emitting Javascript and that the hasPriv from JSP is a boolean variable, which should evaluate to "true" or "false".

Dave Prime, on the other hand, would like to share some Java code he read thrice before pronouncing it dead. (Then it was off to the bit bucket.)

if ((reportGroup == null) && (reportGroup.equals(""))) {
reportGroup = "";
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