Chad Ross works at a Certain State Agency and is unable to send any emails to his client, Mr. Gookin. The CSA's content filter just keeps blocking Chad's outgoing emails, complaining that they contain racist content. More specifically, the filter finds Mr. Gookin's last name to be particularly offensive. Because the CSA's IT administrator refuses to add “Gookin” to the filter's safe word list, Chad is left with the daunting task of asking Mr. Gookin to change his last name to something a little less racist. Now if only he could send out that email request to do so ...

-----Original Message-----
From: **** ********
Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 4:15 PM
To: ******** Gookin

A banned word or phrase was discovered. The file has been removed. 
See your system administrator for further information.

Context: '[Message Body]'
Content Rule(s): 'Racism and Bigotry (English) > Severity - High'

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