Stephanie F. writes, "Not sure what this survey will be about, but I look forward to taking it!"


"I prefer to buy my cats new or even pre-owned, if you get a used one it may be down to only one or two lives and generally doesn't last too long," writes Peter G..


"Got this message on a Datto Siris backup device. Looks like Datto has a different concept of what constitutes running out of space," Topol wrote.


David Marshall writes, "Too small to delete...I don't even..."


"I have to admit, a coffee maker with printer sounds like a neat idea, but I don't think that the market is quite ready for it," wrote Morris Sasser.


"Oh, yes, Office, you're always the most helpful of all of Microsoft's products," wrote Peter Ellis.


"I came across this when signing up for some benefits through work," writes Michael K., "I feel like whichever one I pick will be wrong."


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