“For the past six months,” Jose C writes, “I’ve been struggling with our vendor – let’s call them ‘Enterprise Associates’ – to get the source code for the Enterprise module of their ‘Enterprise ERP for Enterprises’ software. Now we normally don’t expect source code from vendor software, but this was specifically in our contract. Partially because they wrote it on our dime, but mostly because we needed to do some serious customization to make it work.”

“They delivered excuse after excuse after excuse, but they all were something like, ‘we are still ensuring our code meets Enterprise Associates release standards and that it is fully documented and supportable by our Enterprise support team.’ And then finally, it came.”

Jose continues, “there were a lot of gems, but these two were my favorite.”

function IncrementByOne(input) {
    var output = parseInt(input);
    return output + 1;

function AssignStringInToOut(input) {
    var output = input;
    return input;


Jose added, “did I mention that these were like $200/hr consultants? Oh, and most of the code didn’t have comments... but then again, I guess you could say it’s self-documenting.”

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