"I don't remember March of the Penguins being violent," wrote Sam C, "what does Netflix know that I don't?"


"I don't seem to have that key on my keyboard," notes Andy.


"I was disappointed that I didn't qualify to be disqualified for jury duty," writes Grant Root, "I'm only spending the year dead for tax purposes."


"A certain medical website offered me a chance to fill out this survey," writes Jared


"I received this in Russia," writes Alexey, "I guess they didn't know about encodings."


Berek spotted this at Wal*Mart. The $0.21 seemed worth the 400% size increase.


"This program failed to fix my corrupted Word document," Duck M writes, "it did, however, take my mind to a whole new level of metaphysical thinking."


"This happened while trying to select some rows in pgAdmin," writes Jason, "clearly I didn't select 11,984,272 rows."


Brent is pretty sure this dialog is lying to him.


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