Robert H. writes, "I'm not sure if I'm interested in a new product called 'Internal Server Error'."


"This was step 2 in a compensated market survey," wrote Jeremy K., "I'd hate to be the person who has to explain why everybody who took the survey was from the same zip code."


Martin writes, "Geeze Hertz. For that much I can just buy a car."


"Got this after choosing the amount of money I wanted to withdraw. Not really inspiring confidence," writes Jernej S.


"It was awful nice for the website to offer, but I think that I'll be better off using my own map," writes Tom.


Tim F. wrote, "While I really like the idea of saving $100,000, unfortunately, it's sold out."


"When I visited PagePlus Cellular's site yesterday, they were running a strange promotion," W.T. writes, "I sure hope that they offer financing."


"Working with Adobe Encore, I was relieved to find that the .wav I provided does not has video," wrote Mark, "Unfortunately, Adobe seems to view this as a bad thing!


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