"I have a feeling this position posted by Hawaiian Airlines might involve working with developers who are located offshore," writes Jeff Buck.


"Hooray for the digital transition!" Nathan Fowler cheered, "Now we can see BSODs on ABCs secondary digital channel out of Anniston, AL!"


"Needless to say, Carbonite has a strange way to delete files after 70 days," Dave S. wrote.


"So, if I say the error messages out loud, do I summon some...thing?" asks Jacob...for a friend.


"Wow! The database shrunk so far that it collapsed in on itself!" Tim writes.


I don't know if Zoltan K. did it, but I'll do it: "Hi there $esc.html($data.profile.name.split(" ")[0]) congrats on your new NULL job at NULL. I hope you have many productive days ahead of you!"


"Today my plane crashed. Luckily it was fine after it rebooted," writes Steve D.


And speaking of things crashing, my boss JR is globetrotting on company business and found that even though his elevator in Busan, South Korea had crashed, he managed to walk away completely unscathed.


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