"The HP Windows 7 installer software that came with my shiny new HP is somewhat quirky, and most of the time ends up with this 'FBI error'," writes Peter, "while I fail to see why FBI error should be my problem (as I reside in European country, where FBI has no jurisdiction), I would like to help it anyway, just to get it over with the installation. But I simply don't know how to 'Restart The Order'."


"My 3-year old son printed this out for me from the Playhouse Disney website," Greg Baker wrote, "I always heard of InstanceFactories; I'd never heard of an instance farm before."


"I'd really like to install this," Sean writes, "really!"


"While trying to save an MST with the Adobe Reader Customization tool, I got this error message," writes Geoff Wagner, "as much as I'd appreciate a better message, I'd just like to get this working!"


"I found this at my local Best Buy," Austin K writes, "apparently they charge twice as much for the pre-owned version. Perhaps the extra $50 is because it's already been solved for you? Those Geek Squad are good at making everything go faster."


"I just upgraded to the new version of Mind Manager," David wrote, "for some reason, the new project wizard cannot determine today's date, so it needs me to enter it!"


"So it's true," Dan Williams writes, "boxercise is great at helping elieve stre."


"I guess that's worthy of congratulations," writes Roman Solomatin.


"I hadn't checked my feed for a few days, so I expected a lot of items," writes Edmund, "but this is just absurd."


Luka Kladaric snapped this on the London tube.


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