A couple months ago, Jani shared with us some code from a colleague who really didn't understand the concept of date/time formatting. Or, for that matter, loops. Good news is, our coder has finally understood the concept of loops. Well, sort of ...

public String[][] getReservationHistory(int reservationId) { 
  String[][] reservationHistory = new String[100][20]; 
  for (int x=0;x<100;x++) { 
    reservationHistory[x][0] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][1] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][2] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][3] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][4] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][5] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][6] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][7] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][8] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][9] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][10] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][11] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][12] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][13] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][14] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][15] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][16] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][17] = null; 
    reservationHistory[x][18] = null; 

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