With the advent of client-side scripting, the Web, and thirty-some years of interactive software, users have come to expect a fairly rich interface: if something is keyed-in wrong, it's expected that the system should tell them what they did wrong, where they did it, and how to fix it. At Donnie's company, every year of raised expectations brings another year of disappointments to the application users.

Following is the all-to-common message users receive if they entered too much text ... or didn't format a date properly ... or forgot to enter a field. Thankfully, they have a handy printed guide to help them find and troubleshoot what field they didn't enter correctly.

And for some more form invalidation fun, the folks behind the Selective Service's website have a rather unique way of handling date validation. It's known as FAQ Validation and note that "CInt" is the VBScript function that converts a string to an integer:

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