A moment after Carl M's pager went off with its distinctive "a priority E1 trouble ticket has been opened" beep, he received a High Priority email notifying him that he was the new owner of the ticket. A moment after he started to read the email, his phone rang and his boss told him to drop everything and work on this issue: a client was on the verge of dropping their contract because no one from any department -- sales, customer service, engineering, and so on -- could resolve this problem to their satisfaction. The buck stopped at Carl and he had to figure out a way to satisfy one of their largest customers ...

Ticket         8804-2234          
Subject        Upload taking longer than download
Product Area   Operations         Functional Area   Documents
Priority       E1                 Status            New
Assignee       Carl M------       Assigned          4/28/06 10:18 AM

Language       All                Logon             All
Org            All                PO Number         N/A
Customer       8804

Documents are taking much longer to upload than download. Timing was
tested as follows:

  1Meg Upload -  40 sec
  4Meg Upload - 160 sec

  1Meg Download -  8 sec
  4Meg Download - 30 sec

This is unacceptable and needs to be corrected. Problem only exists
at locations with an asymmetric DSL connection.

I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to envision the coding required for Carl resolved the problem.

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