As a certified Überprogrammer, I get quite annoyed with inexperienced maintenance programmers looking at my code and asking questions that any coder with a clue would instinctually know. Take for example this function:

Perfectly clear to me, and I'm sure every other Überprogrammer out there. But the inexperienced n00bs ... they have to waste my time with questions like WTF does Batman() do? or Does it MANage BATch processes? or It prints out the MANual for the Business Aquisition Team, right? or even Does it invoke Silhouette_Spotlight() to create an instance of The_Dark_Knight?

C'mon people. As if it isn't clearly obvious. BatMan() returns False or a DocumentID, depending on whether or not a record with strFileName exists in the database. Jeeze, what's next, asking what JudyGarland() does?

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