Chas Ryder writes, "false... fish... yeah, I get those mixed up all the time."


"I was doing some research on managed hosting providers," writes Chris T., "Liquid Hosting had me sold until I found this."


"I got this message when attempting to open Greetings Workshop after a RAM upgrade," notes Robert Pendell


"I was having some issues with my UPS, so looked on the back to see if there was anything helpful," writes Eric B, "other than being reminded that there was a Risk of Shock three times, I was also told to refer to the bottom of the UPS."


"The 'waiting room' for a website checkout at Royal Albert Hall is a bit disconcerting," Martin Mortensen writes, "and their message isn't very helpful, either."


"Someone put a 'Tip of the Day' feature in one of our in-house applications," notes Jan Srzednicki, "it never really expanded beyond this tip, though."


Reuven was greeted with this message when an installer crashed on his PC.


"Not that it matters," writes Aaron, "it's probably password-protected anyway."


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