"It seems Wolfram|Alpha thinks that $13.02 should be paid with three coins," wrote Christopher.


Judging by the postage costs, Sandra Noronha's order is being shipped from the other side of the galaxy!


Alex writes, "All of these warning were really killing my performance, thanks to Final Cut Pro, now I can fix it!"


"Oh, my mistake I mistakenly entered my key for Norton AntiVirus when I should have entered in my key for Norton AntiVirus!" wrote Andrew T.


"Uh huh...sure, IE...not much risk here," wrote Steve Miller.


Jim S. wrote, "I guess it's not much use waiting around for the postman to get here."


"It sure is a good thing they tested downloads before finding out that routing was broken," noted Lee.


Dwayne wrote, "Nice to see Windows 8 is true to the Microsoft Tradition."


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