"Maybe this isn't actually placeholder text after all," writes Philip, "but rather, SingleHop's hosting deal is only intended for ancient Romans and scholarly individuals who learned how to speak their language."


"Do I use? Oh yes I do, LinkedIn. Quite often," Callum wrote.


"Apparently, I can petition for a divorce today and get married decades later," Seth S. writes.


"It's refreshing to see that Amazon is doing everything it can to prevent the legions of babies cruising the interwebs from watching a product movie about a camera," Ben R. wrote.


"I guess cognitive dissonance doesn't really apply to software, then?" Matias A. ponders.


Brent C. wrote, "Ok, 'paper free' sounds great but I don't think it means what they think it means."


"I finally decided to update the old unused SQL Developer installation on my work machine, and I was greeted with a rather generic report," writes Nicola, "The update finished successfully and I still have the same version that I started with."


Jake K. wrote, "I'm not sure I've ever seen the .(null) file extension, but Chrome seems pretty insistent about this one."


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