I was checking on my flight on US Airways today and when my mouse moved over my seat assignment Google thought that it would be helpful to know just how cold my seat was in Fahrenheit," writes Alan R.


Shaun C. asks, "Words with who exactly?"


Aaron Gustafson writes, "Based on my app's advice, I'm just going to skip adding sugar to my coffee."


"I thought I'd check out the Polcast site on my mobile this morning and found this," wrote Paul Ryder, "I won't be holding my breath."


"The auto-fill feature on Chase Bank's fancy new bill pay system isn't very useful," wrote Ed Ciesielski.


"As a MP3 files go, I'm not sure I'll be able to listen to the full 33 million years of audio during my commute" laments R. Olson.


Virgil Cristea found some good advice.


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