"Some faculty members have a reputation for being scatterbrained, but Professor Error takes the cake," writes Matt E..


"So, this happened when I tried to install Firebug," Aidan wrote, "Now I'm left wondering if it installed or not."


"Yeah, thanks for the 'help', Cygwin," writes Doug K.


In the same vein of non-help, Gunter Richter received the following - almost as if Excel is giving him the middle finger and then taunting him by asking for feedback on it.


"If only they'd changed customErrors to 'off', then I could have helped troubleshoot the problem... and ordered more beer and hot wings," Alan lamented.


Geofrey writes, "Arthur Beren Shoes wanted to tell us about how Facebook's ad system works. That sure was nice of them."


"Now that I installed some ATI drivers on my Dad's old laptop, I can finally put that 1706000792x1706000812 monitor to use!" Neethan P. writes.


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