I have yet to find someone who doesn't love Swiss Army Knifes: you know, those multi-function thingies with a few blades, a screwdriver, scissors, and a pepper grinder? Well, as surprising as this may be, the concept behind this Macgyver-saving-tool doesn't work well when applied to software development. But you gotta give Rick Harris' colleague some credit for trying ...

public class ScheduleItemDisplay implements MessageListener, ErrorListener,
    HelpRequestListener, OpenScheduleListener, AttributeBigListListener,
    OKListener, DeleteScheduleListener, RefreshScheduleListListener,
    ScheduleWeekChangeListener, NetworkChangeListener, ScheduleItemListener,
    LayoutChangedListener, ItemListener, ScheduleChangeValidator,
    InternalFrameListener, RenameScheduleListener, CancelListener,
    MirrorPolicyControlListener {

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