Dylan Tusler's official job title is Integration Analyst, so he was not surprised to be called in to look at the setup for one of their major new corporate applications. He had held hopes that this new application would herald a new age in integration at their organization. The vendors (Intertrode and Initech) promised that they would be implementing a fabulous new Enterprise Nervous System in order to support their new Service Oriented Architecture (and I'm sure what ever else is "in" these days).

Of course you know this wouldn't be posted here if it went smoothly. Intertrode said that Initech's developers were "monkeys" (which I'm guessing is a problem because they billed a bit more than PPI). Initech thought that Intertrode developers were elitist. No less, the vendors were able to coordinate and integrate.

Following is the system they produced. Believe it or not, it actually works. Well, sort of. So long as it's not too hot ... and you don't talk to loudly around it ... and you click just right ...

Magic! App1 now can add records in App2!

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