The NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome is generally too common of a phenomenom to talk about here (although cases of IHBLRIA are usually mentioned). When it comes to HTML forms and Javascript, the normal "NIH" thing to do is reimplement the GET method of the web browser's form in Javascript. But what you don't see too often is a programmer (like Michal Pasternak's predecessor) doing it with inline functions ... for every control within the form ...

<form action="selectTransaction.php" method="get" name="form1">

  <p>Select the transaction types you'd like to see for ...</p>

  <!-- ED: Snipped and added linebreaks -->

  <label>Activity Code</label>
  <select name="selActivityCode" onChange="location.href='selectTransaction.php?
selActivityCode=' + form1.selActivityCode.options[form1.selActivityCode
.selectedIndex].value + '&selLicenceApproval=' + form1.selLicenceApproval
.options[form1.selLicenceApproval.selectedIndex].value + '&txtClientLastName='
+ form1.txtClientLastName.value + ..."
> <option value=""></option> <option value="ACTV">Active</option> <option value="SUSP">Suspended</option> <option value="INAC">Inactive</option> </select> <br/><br/> <label>Licence Approval</label> <select name="selLicenceApproval" onChange="location.href='selectTransaction.php?
selLicenceApproval=' + form1.selLicenceApproval.options[form1.selLicenceApproval
.selectedIndex].value + '&selActivityCode=' + form1.selActivityCode.options[form1
.selActivityCode.selectedIndex].value + '&txtClientLastName=' + form1.txtClientLastName
.value + ..."
> <option value=""></option> <option value="7">1 Week</option> <option value="14">2 Weeks</option> <option value="28">4 Weeks</option> </select> <br/><br/> <label>Client Last Name</label> <input type="text" name="txtClientLastName" maxlength="25"> <!-- Snip --> </form>
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