"I had only had my new phone for a few days when I got this message," Robert N. wrote, "Maybe I should just throw away the phone, because clearly, nothing works."


"Well, isn't this just great," writes Greg Wiley, "Photoshop cannot open Photoshop files."


"I don't know what "en Espa'&'ntilde;ol" is, but I don't speak it," writes Stephen.


Martin wrote, "Uh oh...I think I owe Skype a free video message."


Tom asks, "So apparently Jeff Bezos' bought the Washington Post as a test... and a cat's involved somehow?"


"Windows Azure support form validation isn't exactly working as one might expect. I sent them a screenshot of the problem and they asked me to submit a support case using the same form," wrote Jacob.


"I was thrilled to see we here in Oregon rank favorably, at the very top of the top 26 list," Alex N. writes, "Apparently we have achieved country status also."


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