Oy. What was Chad thinking, going and referencing "/global/lib/numericFunctions.php"? Sure, it may *seem* like there's some helpful methods in there, epsecially with names like "RoundUp()", "ExtractNumber()" and so on. And yes, it seems logical enough to commonly used methods in some sort of library. But what happens when a simple sounding function, like IsInteger(), doesn't actually do what it says?

// is a variable an integer?
    function IsInteger($String)
        $Len = strlen($String);
        for ( $i=0; $i< $Len; $i++ ) {
            if ( ($String[$i] > '9') || ($String[$i] < '0') ) {
                return (false);

Sure, you could go ahead and fix it, but then the other applications expecting IsInteger(-2) to return false would not be so happy. IsReallyInteger(), here we come!

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