"Microsoft is taking the old saying 'That's not a bug, that's a feature' to a new level in this update to Windows Server 2008 R2," D. writes.


"Not all models of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are created equal," Carl W. wrote, "For example, you should only buy this one if you truly intend on using it."


"A lot of our customers were running Windows XP as a downgrade from Vista or 7. We were upgrading this one back to Vista and, after many reboots, this 'helpful' warning appeared," Tim B. writes.


"When filling out the Kickstarter survey for my digital copy of a game, I learned that humans can also double as gaming platforms," writes Stephen G.


"Installing a printer now requires knowledge of Asian languages," Alexander B. writes.


Adam wrote, "Thanks to a diversion through Newburgh, NY, JetBlue has figured out how to fly back in time to the start of the Unix epoch...or at least that's what Google seems to think."


Richard wrote, "I can't help feeling that I will have some trouble getting to this FedEx depot."


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