When Yaniv started at his new job, he was replacing a developer who had quickly left for undisclosed "personal" reasons. Bypassing any training, his first assignment was meant to be an easy hands-on task where all he needed to do was to adjust the comments on the company's invoice over just a little bit so that it didn't spill over the edge of the paper.

"None of our customers have ever really complained about it, but we do get the occasional call where the CSR has to read the notes section of their order to confirm what we entered," said Yaniv's manager, "I figure that you'll just open the template for the invoice, change the field width, and be done!"

Since all the invoices were formatted exactly the same and only differed on currency and language, Yaniv thought it would indeed be a piece of cake learning assignment. However, alas, Yaniv's optimism was short lived as he found that instead of a single program being responsible for formatting the output of the invoice, there were multiple programs, each responsible for printing the same invoice just formatted slightly different. At least it ensured job security.

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