Ok, everyone, let's pitch in so Kristof Mattei can finally get this folder of his deleted.


"I bought some KFC yesterday and the cat nuggets were great!" remarked DB.


"The Irish lottery site lotto.ie reporting their next Jackpot, but I think I might skip buying a ticket for that one," Dave wrote.


"Not only am I wondering how their plan works, I'm wondering how their math works too," Richard contemplated, "Maybe that's what the 'All amounts are hypothetical' means..."


Sebastien hit this on HP's support site after finding that his email address contains a word that's reserved or prohibited. The 'naughty' word? admin


Jack applauds HostGator Tech Support for being able to estimate very precise wait times.


"After a few tries, I managed to patch the game and got this," noted Mathias Södermark


"Maybe I'm just not hip enough to recognize profanity when I see it," wrote Stefanie, " or maybe someone at Yahoo isn't a fan of brussel sprouts."


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