"Apparently our luggage desperately wanted to arrive at Manchester airport ahead of our plane," Maciek O. writes, "So much so that it attempted to perform an illegal operation to achieve that."


"You know, I don't think I want to download the featured download," Angela writes.


"I was on HarborFreight.com and searched for 'bike stand' (without quotes). Apparently, I didn't; but I did," wrote Chris Swingler.


"Amazon is giving the 'did you mean' message for any search after adding the Prime Eligible search constraint," writes Cody.


Wikipedia is making Kevin doubt his searching abilities.


"Apparently flying from San Diego to Spokane WA on October 19 create some kind of rift in the space time continuum giving an extra Saturday," writes Matt.


"Remember when downloading 135MB on Napster would take half a day?" writes Ernie C., "Pepperidge Farm remembers... but Adobe doesn't."


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