One of the "policies" I have here is that I don't post material from usenet, messageboards, or other places where "newbies" are actually trying to learn the trade. Unlike the Unix/Linux "RTFM" crowd, I'm all about spreading knowledge and best-practices.

So I really hope I'm not breaking policy by posting this bid request that Brian Lang found. It was from one of those freelance IT Project Portal sites. Besides, I think it's a nice compliment to a bid we saw a little while ago.

Project ID: 1526522
Title: Web Directory
Category: Web / Applications / Portals
I want a website directory, like a yellow pages, or Yahoo. I want any web user to be able to add a link, under the relevant categories available,,real estate,travel,games etc. I would like the links to be approved before they appear. I want the search results displayed in the following fashion: A URL text, or URL image, with a little description underneath. I want the following tools - top 50 searches, most popular links, a search facility. A space across the top of the page to insert my own logo.

I want a cheap but powerful database like mySQL, an appropriate commonly used scripting language like PHP or Javascript. A graphically appealing look, using flash or similar. I don't want awesome intros, or constantly moving images (apart from banners I put on the site), rather have attractive graphics, but static. I also would like a featureds column where I can place various banners and image links. A small payment to be made for advertising banners in the featureds column, via paypal or other credit processing facilities (but this is less important, because no-one's going to pay if the site has poor traffic as it will from the start)

Most important I would like the look and feel of the site to be unique, and the design not to be mimicked and sold again in a different colour etc.

I would like the home page to be simple, and not too cluttered, a business look, neutral colours,

I don't expect miracles for my small budget, yet all I require is a site that will get me started, and I can add on extras later.

I am willing to pay up to £100-150 (~$186~$279), maybe a bit more.

Now that I think about it, that doesn't really cross the line. But since I came closer than normal ... I may as well just cross it. Slightly. With only a hyperlink: How do I build an antenna in C++? (from Marc Rohloff).

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