"I get the whole 'marketing math' thing," writes Darren Ferguson, "but I'm not sure how they arrived at this. Must be some type of marketing calculus?"


"I got this trying to view a trailer on the play.com site," Jason wrote. "Someone has a sense of humour, even if they can't spell buffoons!"


"Thanks Comcast," Constantine Bristow writes, "and for a second there, I thought I'd need to know a little more than that."


Blake Kelly spotted this EFTPOS machine in the Swan Hill McDonalds.


"Should I replace my mouse's batteries?" wondered Petrik Salovaara.


Ben writes, "PayPal sure has an interesting defintion of free shipping."


"NYC may be the city that never sleeps," Josh A. wrote, "but sometimes we all just need a break I guess."


"While browsing for networking hardware," Noel Vargas writes, "SaleStores offered up these recommendations."


"I got this message when logging into my company's VPN," notes Peter Kempert, "I thought my father had a lot to do with providing my last name, but apparently the mailman was really the source!"


"Polaroid make error!" Aaron said, "me no like not support!"


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