"You know, I kind of feel bad for the Visual Studio installer," writes Markus Schaber


Mike wrote, "It seems that even though 'Restrict' is in the list of allowed options, Visual Studio still thinks that restrict is restricted."


"I submitted a very innocent comment to a LiveJournal blog, and was given this response," writes Colin W., "If I was a spammer, I could regard this as a success, I guess."


"My instance of Visual Studio had frozen up on me one Friday, so I decided to just go to lunch," wrote Michael U., "I came back to find quite a few notifications that Visual Studio was busy." (Click here for the big version.)


Germano remarks, "I don't know what surprises me more - that Microsoft speaks Klingon, or that I actually can read it."


"Oklahoma schools had to do a state mandated test of connection speeds recently, to allocate funding. The upstream could use some work, but the downstream probably won't get any improvements.," wrote George P.


"I got this great error message from Illustrator when trying to quit - perhaps a better error message is WON'T?," Andrew G. remarked.


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