"This was on the Princeton graduate school application form," notes Ahmed, "if I claim to speak 'Computer Language', does that mean I have to know all programming languages?"


"Apparently, when I was not looking," Steve wrote, "Mr. Testupacc moved into my house and ordered some cable TV... which he's had for a while now."


"I'm not sure which is a better sale, $ASST to $24.99 or Free to $24.99," writes Eric Feigenson.


"I receive email updates from the IRS to help me stay on top of any new tax laws and such," writes Bret B, "here is a helpful one I received a little while ago."


"After reinstalling the Facebook for iPhone app, I received this email,"Serge Aruni writes, "I must have accidently checked the 'Notify me of future log-ins' box."


Max spotted this on the bill from a restaurant in Old Koloa, Hawaii.


"My local library has a surprisingly poor search function," Roy W writes, "in addition to being incredibly slow (this one took about 34 seconds), it results are always like this."


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