Ross wrote, "My local Japanese restaurant has some pretty strict rules about working with databases while you eat."


"Personally, I don't think that an ampersand is all that special, but apparently, someone at Chase Bank believes otherwise," writes Ken.


Michael warns, "Never mind about your cable service, bundle up everybody! It'll be cold if we lose the sun!"


"I tried to buy a lymphedema sleeve from, but for some reason, they wouldn't accept my American Express," writes Sharon.


For years, I've joked that most computer problems are actually caused by things like neutrinos hitting a hard drive platter and flipping random bits. In this image that M. sent in after a visit to the Universe of Particles exhibition at CERN, I think that I might be on to something.


Shion wrote, "Someone should explain to the people behind the Visual Studio 2013 Preview installer what invisible windows are really supposed to look like."


"Believe it or not, but the graphics card alone is 15,000 BTU," writes Adam.


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