Happy 2014 everybody! Lots of people make terrible New Year Resolutions. The problem is that they all sound like really good ideas, but you never actually commit to executing them past the first week of January. Lose weight...save money...bathe... We here at The Daily WTF though only commit to important resolutions. Achievable goals that impact our daily lives.

Here are some of our goals for the coming year:

Dan Adams-Jacobson

Since it's so common to make resolutions one has no hope of keeping, I resolve to buy a 5120 x 2880 resolution display, which is 27" Retina resolution. And doesn't exist yet. But hope springs eternal...

Charles Robinson

I don't want just one resolution. I want ALL THE RESOLUTIONS! I vow to get an array of monitors where one is set to the optimum setting for every possible resolution. I will then display them in a manner that would make the Batcomputer blush. After that, I will take a panoramic picture of them all and send it to whoever the hell puts pictures in dictionaries so they can place it next to the definition of "Multitasking".

Lorne Kates

In 2014, I'll be Paradox of Choice by lowering the elusive third dimension of resolution: Color Depth.

I'm changing my resolution to 16. Not 16 bit, but 16 colors. Do you really need more than one blue? Blue is blue is blue. And several shades of red? wasteful! Having only one shade of grey would have saved the world the pain of some truly horrific literature.

This will also force web designers to make better, cleaner websites. They won't be able to make mistakes like orange-on-orange text. Web designers simply can't be trusted with so many colors. It's irresponsible. With only 256 combinations of colors, they can look at a printout to see how every color contrasts with every other color.

Once the world realizes how right I am, maybe in 2015 we can resolve to save electricity by going green-- monochrome green, that is.

Mark Bowytz

Personally, I'm thinking of going to 800x600 because I'm feeling kind of nostalgic for my Windows 98 days ...and I broke my LCD monitor and all I have is this crappy mid-90's era off-brand 15" CRT.

Remy Porter

I can't just make a single resolution. I have one screen at 2880x1800, with others at 1920x1080, 1650x1070 (yes, really, I'm as puzzled by that monitor as anyone), and 1366x768.

Will I be able to keep up on all of these resolutions for next year? Probably.


Maybe I need an iPhone with a 24” display.

A small client of mine emailed me a spreadsheet that was so large that it didn’t fit on a 24 inch monitor – to my iPhone. She knew I was on vacation and all I had was my phone on which to receive email. Why? “Because the iPhone has a good display with lots of pixels, so I thought you’d be able to see and work with it”

Yes, you can zoom and scroll, but...

Bruce Johnson

Well, my favorite resolution is 80x24. But that’s just because I got started in computers back in the IBM 3270 days.

Ellis Morning

"You're getting a bigger monitor!" my new boss declared.

OK? I hadn't asked for one. My little monitor suited me just fine, but now this obnoxious 1920x1080 beast perches atop my docking station. The astronauts on the ISS can see me filling out my timesheets whenever they fly past. (Yes, multiple. That's a WTF waiting to be written.)

Seriously, I'm the worst about upgrading hardware. If it's good, I see no point in replacing it, and will hang on until it literally cannot go anymore, or until someone else gets fed up and buys me a new shiny. My trusty 2005 brick-phone, however, is going nowhere.

Erik Gern

2013 was my busiest, most fragmented year by far. I've become so scatterbrained that I can't finished a sentence without checking Twitter midway through! So this year, I'm simplifying things. My 2013 resolution will be 80 x 40 columns of monochrome ASCII text, without modal windows. At least Google+ won't be any uglier in Lynx than in Chrome!

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