As you probably have noticed, there's a completely different system powering the site: Community Server :: Forums. I think it'll work a lot better, as half the fun of this blog is the comments. The front page has remained the same (although I'd love to see it redesigned one of these days), and RSS feeds will still available using the same URL, although they've been increased to 25 items.

In addition, the site has been moved to a server of its own at a real data center. Let's hope that speeds things up.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generous donation of Small Business Server 2003 Premium. After reading that SQL Server was out of my price range, Raymond Chen and some of the other wonderful folks at Microsoft chipped in to buy SBS03 (which of course includes the SQL Server software required to power the site on a new server).

Thanks Raymond et al, I really appreciate it. You guys are terrific!
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