It's always entertaining to see a programmer insist upon implementing his own version of built-in functionality. Especially when the built-in method is literally right infront of you (thanks to Intellisense):

And what makes this reimplementation (found by Stephan Rose) even more fun is that inists upon the caller to convert the string into a character array first and pass in that array's length ...

public bool IsFloat(char[] text, int nLength)
  bool UsedDecimal = false;
  for(int i = 0; i < nLength; i++) 
    // return TRUE if the character is 0 (the string is over)
    if(text[i] == 0) return true;
    // make sure only 1 decimal has been used
    if(text[i] == '.')
      if(UsedDecimal == false) 
        UsedDecimal = true;
        return false;
      // return FALSE if the character isn't a digit or there is a minus where there shouldn't be
    else if(  !(text[i] >= '0' && text[i] <= '9') && !(i == 0 && text[i] == '-')  ) return false;
  return true;

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