And a code-free one at that, too ...

First, if you've ever questioned the effectiveness of offshore programming outsourcing, consider this example of just how closely your outsourcing partners listen when you specify "Name consists of three fields: First name, Middle name, and Last Name":

And that was across all that had "Name" in it. Next, a quick blurb from Gunther ...

There was a problem in the application code concerning GUIDs. We were almost able to convince that guy that the database was running out of GUIDs and that we should look to order new ones, maybe a volume pack.

You've all probably all seen the "Where is the 'Any Key'?" FAQ (and if you haven't, there ya go), but Mike came across a question that is, apparently, asked frequently: How do I pick up and carry my iMac G5?.

On the subject of things you've probably already seen, a while back I broke the "rules" and posted a rather curious question from usenet. Well Mark found a similarly amusing question (though ancient, vintage '92) with some rather helpful answers.

And finally, Serge Wautier pointed out a revolutionary concept in software distribution: Sisterware. Certainly not a "WTF" in and of itself, but those were certainly the first three words I uttered when reading that.

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